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Flirt. Flirt? Flirt! What does it mean to look across a room at someone and catch their eye? How does it feel when you flirt? What does it look like? In partnership with the Bi+ Arts Festival, the second edition of "Flirt" showcases bi, pan, fluid, queer, or otherwise non-monosexual artists and writers.

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Call for Submissions


This one's for the Dykes.

Like much of what defines queer experiences, Dyke comfortably and not-so-comfortably carries multitudes: pain and joy, empowerment and violence, isolation and belonging.

It has been used as a slur, and it has been reclaimed with pride by many as an identity, a declaration, and a bridge to community.

Through history the term has traversed sexuality, gender and more, with dyke popping up in an English newspaper in 1710 to refer to women cross-dressing as pirates, bulldyke from 19th century North America describing “masculine women,” and diked out being used to describe “masculine” clothing.

Dyke is connected to a lineage and a community forged in strength, deep love, and lesbianism. It has been forged in marginalisation, and in each other’s arms.

For this QT issue, we are soliciting creative work and visual media that considers Dyke in all its complexity, including:

  • What does it mean to be a Dyke?
  • What is your personal experience with the word? What has it meant to be given the label, or to take it on?
  • Consider the history of the word: How do you feel you fit or upend this lineage?
  • What do you see/hope/dream for future Dykes?

The submissions period for Issue no.14 will close February 14th, 2024.

What if my work doesn’t match the Issue theme?

We are also accepting works to be featured in the Gallery that do not fit the criteria for specific issues. Submissions for the Gallery are accepted on a rolling basis. In other words, submit, submit, submit!

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