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Call For Submissions!

Issue No. 7

For this issue we seek the perspectives, writing, and visual art of queer and trans individuals with current or past sex work experience. ‘Sex work’ or ‘sex trade’ being broadly definined and open to interpretation. Featured contributors will receive $40.

The following questions are meant to prompt, but any submissions related to your experiences as a queer person in the sex industry are welcome.

What’s mundane about sex work? What’s extraordinary? How has your view of sex work changed? How has your experience shaped how you view the world? How does sex work compare to other work? How does sex work relate to other forms of feminized labour? How has sex work been an act of resistance for you? What does justice for sex workers look like? How has the pandemic impacted your work? How do you imagine the industry 50 years from now? How has sex work affected your sex? How has sex work affected your understanding of consent?

When have you chosen to disclose your queer identity at work? Has sex work enabled you to explore different aspects of your queerness? Your gender? How do your intersecting identities - class, race, migrant status, etc - interact with your work experience? When have you chosen to ‘come out’ as a sex worker? How would your experiences be different if it weren’t for stigma and whorephobia? What’s something you wish people without sex industry experience knew? What would you change about the way sex work is portrayed in the media? What's the best representation you’ve come across?

The submissions period for Issue No. 7 will close on December 31st 2021.

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Issue no. 6 Defining Queer Liberation is out now!

There is a generational gap in the queer community. To help bridge this gap and build intergenerational solidarity, we sought the perspectives of young people and elders alike. As a result, 50% of the creators featured in this issue are over the age of 50, and 50% are under.

Read Defining Queer Liberation here!

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What if my work doesn’t match the Issue theme?

We are also accepting works to be featured in the Gallery that do not fit the criteria for specific issues. Submissions for the Gallery are accepted on a rolling basis. In other words, submit, submit, submit!