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Celebrate the Bi+ Arts Festival with QT!

In partnership with the Bi+ Arts Festival, our latest issue, Flirt is out now! This is both issue no. 5 for QT and the 5th annual Bi+ Arts Festival.

Flirt. Flirt? Flirt! What does it mean to look across a room at someone and catch their eye? How does it feel when you flirt? What does it look like? For this issue we are showcasing 17 artists and writers who identify as bi, pan, fluid, queer, or otherwise non-monosexual.

September 26th: You’re invited to the “Flirt” launch party! Tickets are free but you must register beforehand. Register for the launch party here!

Annual General Meeting

QT's first AGM will take place on Thursday September 30th at 7pm EST. If you want to participate and vote at the meeting it is critical you become a member ASAP. Members participate in organizational discussions, have the opportunity to run for the Board, and help set the strategic direction for the non-profit corporation. Become a Member!

Register for the AGM here.
If you need to vote by proxy please email admin@qtmag.ca ASAP.

Call For Submissions!

Have a piece of art or prose you want to share? Excellent. QT is actively seeking out submissions from new and established creators alike!

The submissions period for Issue no. 6, “Defining Queer Liberation” is now open! The deadline to submit is September 30th, 2021. Featured artists and authors will receive an honorarium of $15.

There is a generational gap in the queer community and to help bridge this gap, we are seeking perspectives from young people and elders alike. As such, the issue will feature 50% creators over the age of 50, and 50% under. The following questions are meant to prompt but any submissions related to “Defining Queer Liberation” are welcome.

  • What does the queer liberation movement mean?
  • What should be at the forefront of the movement?
  • With everything you've seen change in your lifetime, what's next?
  • What excites you about the future of the movement?
  • How should we prioritize queer and trans rights and liberation goals?
  • What does “queerness” mean?
  • Where are the intergenerational tensions?
  • What are the barriers preventing intergenerational movement building in the queer community? How can we overcome them?
  • What does it mean to be a liberated queer individual? Out and Proud? Fitting in? Passing? What does progress feel like?
  • How has the AIDS epidemic impacted the generational divide? What are its ongoing effects?
  • What does it mean to be a queer elder? What does it mean to grow up without queer elders?
  • Did you have a queer mentor? What did they teach you? Have you had the opportunity to be a mentor?
  • What is something you wish young people knew or understood? What is something you wish elders knew or understood?

Please indicate in your submission email if you are over or under 50 years of age. Learn more under Submission Guidelines.

Gay Merch!

Fundraising for a small non-profit is hard, but thankfully gay Jesus invented gay merch. Most of our stuff is available in the 3 traditional genders of black, white, and baby pink. So go ahead and support local grassroots organizing and look cute doing it!

Call for Volunteers

We're looking for cool people to join the team! Become part of a dynamic group of volunteers committed to community building and art making.

Check out our call for volunteers.

What if my work doesn’t match the Issue theme?

We are also accepting works to be featured in the Gallery that do not fit the criteria for specific issues. Submissions for the Gallery are accepted on a rolling basis. In other words, submit, submit, submit!