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Issue no. 12 Flirt is now out!

Flirt. Flirt? Flirt! What does it mean to look across a room at someone and catch their eye? How does it feel when you flirt? What does it look like? In partnership with the Bi+ Arts Festival, the second edition of "Flirt" showcases bi, pan, fluid, queer, or otherwise non-monosexual artists and writers.

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Call for Submissions

Love Letters

Cutie, we want you to write us a love letter. It can be addressed to yourself, to your lover, your ex, or any other big love that comes to you. We want a love too big to be contained. The kind that drives you to put pen to paper. The kind that begs to be written into reality. Give us the private words that are only meant for your lovers’ eyes. Give us in-jokes, gross sexts, grand poetry, small moments. Give us the messy, voracious, singular expression of your love. Some possible prompts include (but aren’t limited to):

  • What secret language do you and your lover speak? Write to us in it.
  • How would you write a love letter to yourself? What does love look like when it is directed internally?
  • What love do you wish to include in the historical record? What do you love so much that you want to create a record of it?
  • Can a breakup letter be a love letter?
  • How do you tell the story of your love?
  • What does love look like outside of romance? How does a love letter to your friend sound? To your family?
  • When is a love letter not a letter? Can an action be a love letter? Can an object be a love letter? Can a look?

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The submissions period for Issue no.13 will close October 9th, 2023.

What if my work doesn’t match the Issue theme?

We are also accepting works to be featured in the Gallery that do not fit the criteria for specific issues. Submissions for the Gallery are accepted on a rolling basis. In other words, submit, submit, submit!

Call for Volunteers

We're looking for cool people to join the team! Become part of a dynamic group of volunteers committed to community building and art making.

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Gay Merch!

Fundraising for a small non-profit is hard, but thankfully gay Jesus invented gay merch. Most of our stuff is available in the 3 traditional genders of black, white, and baby pink. So go ahead and support local grassroots organizing and look cute doing it!