Call for Volunteers

We're looking for cool people to join the team! Become part of a dynamic group of volunteers committed to community building and art making.

Volunteer Opportunities

Research Assistant

Help QT with qualitative and quantitative research, information compilation, and grey literature review (all sources freely available online, such as NGO reports, online archives, etc). Key topics include LGBTQ+ history (i.e. overlooked historical figures and events). This research will contribute to posts on our social media pages.

Time Commitment
  • Time commitment depends on need (e.g. Pride month, launch events, etc.).
  • This volunteer opportunity is on an ad hoc basis at max 3-5 hr/wk

Looking for many volunteers in this area! No formal research experience is required. Please reach out and share your areas of interest and/or expertise.

Grant Writing Assistant

Research grant opportunities and help draft grant applications. Seek out new opportunities to fundraise and form partnerships with queer-owned businesses and organizations in Canada.

Time Commitment
  • 3hr/wk

Looking for individuals with great writing and communication skills! Grant writing experience is a bonus.

Graphic Designer

Develop the concept and execute the design of QT’s physical and online issues! Includes collaboration with our social media team to craft and design issue based content for our socials!

Time Commitment
  • 10-15hr/wk for 6weeks leading up to the new issue release (issues are published on a quarterly basis)
  • 2-3 hr/week on the relevant social media posts

Looking for someone with design experience and strong collaboration skills!


These volunteer opportunities look great! How do I apply?

To apply for a volunteer position please email with a brief description of your skill set and why you want to volunteer! Also feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have about the roles.

Are these volunteer opportunities remote or in person?

All volunteer opportunities with QT are currently virtual. We welcome applicants from across Canada or with a connection to Canada.

How does QT support their volunteers?

We love our volunteers and we want to ensure you get the credit you deserve! In addition to being highlighted on our website and in our newsletters, QT highlights our volunteers on our social media (e.g. Instagram, LinkedIn). We’re also happy to serve as a referral for your upcoming job applications!

In addition, QT volunteers are eligible for QT membership, meaning you get to contribute to key decisions and even apply to serve on the board! Drop-in meetings take place every other Thursday at 7:00pm-8:00pm EST.

What if I want to volunteer, but I don’t see an open role that suits my skill set?

Please reach out to QT if you’re interested in volunteering with us! The role descriptions included above are by no means comprehensive and we welcome anyone who wants to help no matter their background or skill set!

How old do I need to be to volunteer with QT?

At this time QT is only accepting volunteers aged 18 and over, but thank you for your interest!