Meet the Team

QT is made up of an outstanding team of individuals and volunteers committed to community building and art making!

Leadership Team


Pax Santos

Founding Editor

Pax Santos is a Torontonian writer and consultant. Pax got her start as a political speechwriter, and has her MSc in International Development from the London School of Economics. Pax focuses her research on LGBTQ2I+ rights, and has consulted for the Red Cross and Rainbow Railroad. Missing Toronto’s gay scene, Pax founded QT to foster community during COVID-19.



Kat Hartog

Web Designer/Developer

Kat Hartog is a web designer and full-stack developer in Toronto. She has her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ryerson University, and as a New Media specialist, Kat fuses her technical and artistic skills to create interactive art installations that confront and engage participants. Kat brings a concept-driven approach to her design work.


Alli Lau

Director of Operations

Alli is a Toronto-based dance music lover, writer and harm reduction advocate.  She just completed a Master’s in international development and for £18k, she’s telling everyone.  Personality developed in Manchester, England so loves colourful windbreakers and pints in the pub.  Your queer, anti-militarist intersectional feminist auntie who’ll ruin family dinners by starting arguments.


Derek Hooper

Outreach Coordinator

Derek is a law student at Queen’s University, with hopes of one day using his exceedingly dry sense of humour and sassy personality to litigate. He extensively studied the politics of truth-telling and the utility of Truth Commissions while completing his Master of Arts. Derek has enjoyed both volunteering and contributing pieces to QT for it has afforded him opportunities to navigate queer spaces and own his sexuality.


Ayonti Mahreen Huq

Graphic Designer

Ayonti is an immigrant Bangladeshi artist. Their art focuses on portraying nature, culture, and society through a feminist, queer, and sapphic lens. Profession wise, she floats around business and media with credentials from Melbourne Business School and HEC Montréal. Her folio is available for viewing via @amhisamhitsamh on Instagram.


Sam Roberts

Graphic Designer

Sam provides support with the design of the magazine and accompanying social media. She has a masters degree in art history and currently works in communications, with a strong focus on environmental and social governance and community support programs. She also volunteers for a local environmental charity and an online women's collective.

Board of Directors


Cass Cervi

Board Member

Cass Cervi is a poet, freelance writer and an editor. Her work has appeared in eMpower Magazine,The Feminine Collective, Beautiful Losers Magazine, Pip Magazine, The Impressment Gang and The Synaerisis Press. She currently works as a Strategist at FCB/SIX and serves on the editorial board at Room Magazine.


Toluwa Fayemi

Board Member

Toluwa is an African-Canadian writer, director, actor, scientist and science educator based in Toronto, Canada. After earning his BSc. in Physics from the University of Western Ontario, Toluwa became a writer for CREAM Production’s “A Curious Mind” starring Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, LOST). Toluwa founded the Hogtown Heroes, an artist collective of actors, cinematographers, and producers in Toronto.


Nadia Guerrera

Board Member

Nadia is a long-time educator, and founder and executive director of Orwell Art, an international education initiative that teaches youth globally, about democracy, civic engagement and human rights through the arts. She is also a political candidate in Toronto. Nadia is passionate about ensuring affordable and sustainable housing, improving transit and fighting for fairness in every sector across Ontario.


Shyan Mirhassani

Grant Writer

Shyan Mirhassani provides support with Grant Proposal applications for the magazine. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning, and a certificate in International Development. She is passionate about addressing inequalities and other social justice issues that the 2LGBTQIA+ community faces today. 

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