Flirt (A Rather Cis How-To)

Being queer/pan/bi
I'm terrified of being -that guy-
Because if it's a guy:
flirts are easy peasy, lemon squeezy,
put my hand on his arm pull close -nice and easy.
But if it's a girl: I twirl
round and about -
try to unfurl my desire just enough
so it's pleasing without sleazing
its way through my sex choked throat.
I draw back my lips and let lust sparkle out between my teeth.
If I smile wide enough I can kiss anyone
If drink I can't hold back from telling near everyone
how beautiful they are to my wanting, wanton
hopefully (desperately?) wanted self cruising the club floor
in merry-go-round spinning bliss.
Now that I'm sober it feels like it's over:
there are no dances so there's been no romances,
no strobe light starry eyes and fake fog tasting kisses -
no Up Down eye ducking (or public finger fucking).
On a scale of barely innuendo to explicit communication
the weight of my gaze shifts to balance out
the perceived gender of my current fascination.
How reductively cisgender of me.


Renee Vroom

Renee is a raging bi+ creator of ALL THE THINGS and categorically refuses to narrow down arts practices. Between the agonies and ecstasies of being uncompromisingly fabulous, Renee believes they are hilarious. Find Renee on social media - @itazilla - to see what blasphemous shenanigans and queer magic she is currently concocting.