Dusk & Yearning

I flirted with the sunset and the sun got shy
So she dipped behind a building deep on the horizon.
her warmth lingered for a moment,
but you could feel the night's chill
rolling in, like a deep lush sapphire blanket.
While she was hiding,
I thought of my ex, the moon,
how she glows and she still lights my nights.
But I think the sun got jealous of
all my thoughts of another possible lover
So she peaked out from behind the building one last time
winking the way suns wink
with scarlet sun beams
stretching out all across the horizon.
and with one final flirtatious move
she set the clouds aflame in amber and coral
and left the sky with graceful bow.
So I was left with dusk and yearning,
even when the stars and satellites
started to dance against the unending indigo ceiling
my heart still hungered for tangerine & copper skies
grumbling about how i wanted to be
drizzled in warmth and covered in
delectable sprinkles of light.
In this longing for the golden hour
I would write love sonnets
and sun, well, she'd be so touched
she'd return to me sooner
with more boldness
and less fear
So that when her rays will kiss my cheeks
there's no doubt or wavering in me
no left over thoughts of that crater filled rock
only thoughts of my brilliant burning star
and though she's never fallen for an ex moon lover before
I will start to think the sun is falling for me

Jamie Quinnn Mader Headshot

Jamie Quinn Mader

Jamie Quinn Mader (they/them) is a queer, mad, fat and non-binary poet from Toronto. They enjoy creating communities of care and writing about love in all its forms. You can find more about them along with other publications here: https://linktr.ee/JamieQuinn.m