Tattered sunsets in my dreams \\ Dreams flowed through my fingers \\ Sleepless days

Tattered sunsets in my dreams 

I’m standing in front of fractured glass, 
across a sea I haven’t laid my eyes on. 
I’ve never rested on the waves 
that carry splintered memories 
of things I’ve only dreamed 
could float their way into my mind.  

In a single thought I’d wish,  
tonight, I’d dance in candlelight.  
Fearing not of distant fools,  
who pranced on cobblestones,  
a reflection I claim to know.  
But a stranger fills my heart,  
with trust for a discontented life. 

You sit in complacency,  
a banquet I’ve never feasted at,  
I’ve never learned how to be,  
quite the same in simplicity. 
You’ve learned so young, 
how to love yourself and others, 
While I’ve never grown into confidence. 

Red skies at night, 
are a sailor’s delight, 
but I’m so far from the sea,  
and I still haven’t found me. 
I’ve looked down dirt roads, 
between twisted cobblestones,  
for tranquility and semblance.  
Yet the sky is red at night, 
and I’m so far from the sea.

Dreams flowed through my fingers 

You wandered in with the lights,  
settled beneath a dim blue neon sign. 
The highway, rivers of red and yellow, 
brighten the darkest city nights. 
Even the dampest eventide 
glows under incandescent light.  

I surrendered to the ebb of traffic,  
rushing in and out of a concrete love. 
Shivers tumbled into cold winters  
and fall never felt so infinitely brief. 
In a cloaked reflection of steel and glass,  
I wondered who was gazing back. 

The world slumbered into daydreams 
on subways and streetcars in deserts, 
painted gold and glittering with promises, 
distilled into a single dream,  
drunk eagerly like whiskey 
so the city would be more for us. 

I tangled my body in cotton sheets, 
twisted in sweat-soaked nights. 
I dreamed of you tracing my spine, 
With a delicate touch and an unforeseen mind.  
I felt you come in with a whisper, 
yet you left with a velvet kiss.  

In frayed cotton I slept beside you, 
yet it never felt so perfectly silk. 
In daydreams I thought of you, 
cold tea, and a swaying breath, 
in an emerald green field, 
I danced to a tune of effervescent calm.  

Yet highways continuously flowed, 
and I remembered fondly too, 
the hidden dream I said to myself, 
under a once brighter streetlight, 
of hope for a distant tomorrow, 
painted in rivers of red and yellow.  

I danced with the thought of staying,

while waiting on a train for pastures I left, 
yet where I always yearned to return. 
My mind had never bent to delusions of my heart,  
and you stayed at the station, 
for dreams never come down dirt roads.

Sleepless days 

The night never felt too long,  
trapped in a forgetful song,  
in dreams you appear copiously.  
I fear the morning rays 
in this grey city haze,  
when I realize you won’t be lying next to me.  

Falling into wedding bands, 
never seemed to be your plan.  
for tuxedos never look like wedding gowns. 
She said I do too, 
and now you have plans to move,  
to the house you said we’d fill.  

Our love sits above my bed,  
trapped in snow globes 
and frozen memories that rain down, 
on the haunted image of a grey Niagara Falls.  
I still remember that moment,  
we froze time with a kiss on a winter night.  

So I wonder still, 
do you think of me, 
when you fall into love 
so carelessly? 
Did you take her to the falls 
to freeze time  
like the snow globe that haunts my mind.


Malcolm Reher

Malcolm is a new Canadian Poet who will be publishing his debut anthology in 2022. As a gay man from the east coast, Malcolm loves to explore what it means to be Canadian in his work by focusing on themes such as identity, sexuality, and love. Malcolm enjoys drawing inspiration from the natural world around him and can often be found travelling through Canada in search of new story ideas.