Watching You From the Doorway Outside

In the shower, the water falling on hair
Head and hands up together
Brushing through, tilted face meeting water

Hey Girl, you’re beautiful
I want to take you out
Enjoy the sunshine today
At the local used tire pile

Tilting head back some more
Shower hitting a beautiful body
Hands on chest, body turning

Hey Girl, your hair is so long
The sound of the shower is pretty
The moment you are in it
A luscious existence of need

Letting the water hit your neck
Face turning to expose it tenderly
Eyes closed, absorbing the water

Hey Girl, it’s so perfect
You just stand there
The moment extended
Maybe many moments together

Turning around, your back feeling the shower
Head bending down, your neck in the water
And you look up, letting your head in the shower

Hey Girl, your hands pick up your hair
So long, so drenched, water following it
Ready to soak down your body
Rivulets running quickly

Facing the water again
Brushing water into your face
The final moments of your eyes closed

Hey Girl, you are pretty that way
You can enjoy the water
A shower wet and clean
Fully completely had

Your head tilting side to side
Rivulets from your forehead
Run into your semi-open mouth

Hey Girl, I am edging, side to side
Rocking backward and forward
My rubber body taking the movement
You are oblivious to me in the doorway

Hands picking up your long hair
You throw your head backward
Ecstasy of water freely flowing

Hey Girl, your legs stand so beautifully
Your outline is against the light from the   
Long, lean, strong, and unyielding
Beauty of a silhouette without trying

You gently let the shower run down your body
Letting your head touch the water fully
With eyes closed, your turn off the water

Hey Girl, the day is only getting started
We can go many rounds and sit outside
The sunshine hot on us
The day seen through shades

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Sylvia Frey

Sylvia is a writer and visual artist living and working in Toronto. She also flirts, makes love, and falls in love in Toronto too. These things keep her here, and for some reason, won’t let her go.