Lips \\ How Easily I Fall \\ The First Date


Lips against lips 
Like quenching a thirst 
Heat trapped between love and falling apart 
Where lips become the only way your body knows how to say 
The things our tongues cannot with words
Guttural passion needs release 

Lips with lips 
Making you forget the world 
Building your own between two lips 

Lips of kindness and care
Finding the reason to risk it all 
Lips against lips 
Love awaits your answer

How Easily I Fall 

You caught me staring 
That’s on me 
I saw you stare back 
The blush I fail in hiding 
I see enveloped your cheeks too 
With our eyes we reach towards the other 
Hoping to find warmth and comfort  
The kind only to be found 
Between those who fall blindly into cupids embrace 
Unaware of the arrows sticking out of your hearts 

The First Date

She was cold I gave her my jacket 
It wasn’t so hard to tell 
How warm she made me 
I remember those walks we had
Around a lake at night
You sharing the shit they made you endure 
I may not have been so bold 
But made it known 
You were not alone 
I still made you laugh and smile that night
We both knew this was different 
And knew it would run its course 
Jackets don’t always fit


Elizabeth Almeida

Elizabeth Almeida’s writing has matured and evolved to covering various topics such as love, grief, sexuality, and coming of age. Elizabeth has just self-published her first collection of poetry titled Found Pieces. Her work can be found via her website elizabethalmeidapoet.com . You can also follow her on Instagram @poems.by.elizabeth.