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Flirting Mayhem

I wish I knew how to flirt. Then maybe I'd get to date some lovely lady someday. 

The last time I attempted flirting was YEARS ago. Like, the mid 2000s! A beautiful Brown Goddess had been walking around Gay Pride. I remember what drew me to her was long curly hair, the revealing but cute rainbow outfit she had on, and her laugh. She had a laugh that made one want to know what the joke was, just to laugh with her and hear the sounds together. I'd never considered hitting on someone at a Pride event before. Other people live for it, but I have no game and nothing to offer. But I was REALLY drawn to her. She made her way to the table I was volunteering at. She looked at me. Her eyes were so pretty and lightly touched with glitter. I found myself blurting out that I liked her outfit. I guess I blurted it louder than intended because she laughed and thanked me. I asked where she was from and if she came to Pride alone. I felt like such a creeper - but I REALLY wanted to get to know her, and she didn't seem to be put off by me or my questions. So then asked if I could have her number. And guess what? She gave it to me! We only talked on the phone for a week or two after Pride. I didn't have what it took to hold her interest. But it was an interesting experience to see through nonetheless.

Currently, there's another person I've had my eye on for a little while. She started working at my local grocery store Customer Service counter a few months ago. Her shade of brown skin is quite lovely. She wears an afro. She also wears a watch with a rainbow band. I'm not sure if that means she's LGBTQ, or an ally, or just likes rainbows. I mean, I thought only LGBTQ people wore those kinds of watches. I make sure my rainbow bands are visible whenever she serves me. Hopefully one day it might spark up a conversation? "Hey, I love your watch! Where'd you get it?" I'd say. Although, I may have to look up where people actually get those watches. That way I'd be prepared with some generic response. But maybe people get those things from someplace Heteronormative like Old Navy. Then what? Well, at least then I'd know for sure if she were LGBTQ or not. 

I'll probably just continue to stare at her from afar though. I don't know how to flirt. I just ask creepy questions and hope the girl doesn't back away with caution from me!

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Kim theBwordPoet

Kim theBwordPoet is a Black and Bi Poet, Short Story Writer, and Journalist from Cleveland, Ohio. She has published work in Crush Magazine, Bi Women's Newsletter, and Gay People's Chronicle. Find more of her work online at . \\ Instagram: @bwordpoet