Short Story

Zipper: The Dancer - Summer Fling
Chapter 1

Rhythmic music pump-ping to the tune of “No Worries” by Love and Rockets as we enter Zipper. The night is just getting started, and the place hasn't filled up with people. As you walk through the dark lit hall, one side of the wall is covered in cage wire, making one feel like we are about to enter into a raw untamed sexual escapade.

As the dance floor opens its arms to greet us, with its multi laser-light beams assaulting the disco ball, making it spin in ecstasy. We walk through the dance floor, passing ChinChin who reaches out his hand and pulls me close for a French double chin kiss greeting, and familiar eyes greet from other regular patrons. We do not know each other’s names, it feels like a family of familiarity through the sharing of love for 80s music – a weekly regular night at Zipper!

The guy with the tambourine has been coming to the bar for the past 20 years, edging his way to the rim of the dance floor, with the out of tune shaking of his tambourine.

The dancer and his date dance sweetly to each other. They tease each other with kisses and being affectionate, with the Pet Shop Boys playing in the background “I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing” as they dance and sway to the music, feeling each other’s synergy, the gentle hair on their skin slowly rises as it anticipates the other’s touch, releasing pheromones onto the damp dance floor which is now packed and hot with body heat. Dancer and his date are oblivious to the attention around them and are lost in their own world. The regulars are eyeing the couple, some measuring them up for gossip, others wondering of a possibility of getting in on the action.

The bar is now filled to capacity. The dancer and his date take a break from dance floor and decide to walk to the piano lounge area in another part of the bar. They have to pass through another dark corridor, where men are lined against the wall in the shadows with hungry eyes, shuffling in the dark eyeing the young couple like a fresh lamb in a den of wild beats. The dancer and his date walk on, they feel the accidental rub against their crotches and other parts of their body, a few times they felt a full-on cupping of their athletic bottoms from a stranger’s hand.

Half-way through the passage, there is a stairway up to the 2nd floor, the walls are lined with well used discipline paddles, and are now on display in different shapes and sizes and individually framed. As they walk up the stairs, the musky scent of man sweat is getting thicker. On the stair landing, one side is completely dark and the other side leads to an outdoor patio.

Unsure which way to go, the date asked, “Why is the room so dark?”

“It’s the ‘Dark Room’ where you go, to lose your inhibitions or have a quick relief,” the dancer replied. “Do I have to take off my clothes to go into the dark room?”

And so it begins – the summer fling.


Adam Quang

Adam Quang is an award winning interdisciplinary artist l author l yogi creating and inspiring world peace by making the world a happier place! As an artist with multi-modal art practices and theoretical contextualization, he has created pieces based on his humanity. Find him on Twitter / Instagram / TikTok @adam_quang