“that’s why this pride month, i’m partnering with mephistopheles”

CW: substance abuse

i disdain to have any parents
but wikipedia says bill clinton is my mother
born 6/1/1999, gemini sun (don’t ask me the hour)

you and i met the usual way:
after you learned to fear joy
spied graven stripes flying 6/8/11
came across your own kind
homos fuge
cast you out of the closet and into the streets
made your skin electric
throbbed sudden between young legs
tugged pants from behind your tongue
you knew me then

i cut the same deal every june:
happy prophet, spin roy g biv respectable
government zinester/non-profit kinkster
be gay do crimes/q-slurs dni
incant my name unspeakable
climb onstage
attend my worship

eventually you get exactly what you wished for: an open bar

pronouns flag ??? profit
now, everyone worships
for thirty days and thirty nights
all your friends are booked and busy

alchemist, saint-passing
gapes not at hanlans branded, homosfuged
and lets the pinks you said you liked me in
get mildewed in the wash  
banking on mutual aid's unpaid invoice
leave village for monochrome sodom  

you say, “I Shall Renounce The Magic And Repent!”
i say, see you next year
you divorce my corporatized incorporealness
i take the kids
you take the leather

did you really think you were the only one who could make a covenant?

Image Description: an Open Culture Harry Clarke's 1926 Illustrations of Goethe's Faust, set to a slowly moving sparkling pink background. Faust is wearing a rainbow-tinted pair of sunglasses

Loren TKTK-30

a post-mortem bio by a demonic entity from the future: the author was from Tkaronto, fka the city of toronto. they were a recovering journalist, veteran sex worker, and lover of real trans shit. one day they died. i ate them!!!! >: \\ IG: @bottomgrowthfeeder