Short Fiction


The room is quiet as Robert walks around, reading from a list of instructions. He places red and white scented candles in strategic locations around the room. 

‘You doing ok??’ Thomas asks, as Robert scours the room. 

Robert looks over and gives a cheeky smile, ‘Thanks to your OCD planning, yes, I am.’ 

Thomas laughs. 

Photos of Thomas and Robert, which adorn shelves and walls, observe the scene. Some of them are from high school and beyond with their friends. Others, just the two of them in their school uniforms with Robert hugging Thomas’ head. 

Camping trips, mountain climbing, parties… we see two fit and handsome men having the time of their lives. 

Robert picks up their wedding photo that reads ‘Robert & Thomas’ Big Day’ and reminisces.

Fuck, our wedding was the best day.’ 

‘Soppy cow.’ Thomas replies. They both laugh as Robert feigns shock.

He puts it back next to pictures of Thomas riding motorbikes, jumping over cars, and standing proudly next to his bike while holding his helmet in his broad hands. Robert smiles at it and runs his fingers over Thomas’ handsome face. 

‘Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!’ Thomas pleads. 

‘Yes sir!’ Robert salutes. He puts the last candle in its place, looks at the instructions, then around the room. He lights them, watching the illumination flicker and dance its magic. 

‘It’s done.’ 

‘Yay.’ Thomas replies, as Robert gazes at the man he has spent half his life with. 

‘You wanna see??’ asks a bashful Robert. 

‘Yes please!’ is the answer.

Robert walks over to Thomas, who is in bed blindfolded. He goes around behind him, crouches, and whispers in Thomas’ ear.


Thomas leans his head into Robert’s cheek. 

‘Here we go.’ Robert gently takes the blindfold off. Thomas’ eyes adjust for a couple beats as he is taken aback by how beautiful it looks, and by Robert’s sweet smile. 

Thomas is wearing a black leather chest harness and a black leather codpiece. He is quadriplegic. His eyes light up as bright as the candles’ as he views the flower petals all over the floor and bed. 

He is at a loss for words at how his partner has gone out of his way to make this day as momentous as possible. 

‘Happy Birthday.’ Robert whispers quietly, even a little fearfully, hoping he did ok. 

Thomas is grinning from ear to ear.

‘Always, with you.’ 

Robert goes around to kiss him. 

‘Call me a soppy cow.’ he says as he smiles and rolls his eyes.

Thomas puckers up and shuts his eyes.

Robert laughs and goes back around. They tenderly kiss each other, their lips softly resting on top of another.

Thomas stares at Robert.

‘Now you must dance…it will please me.’

‘Good lord.’ Robert sighs. 

‘Do iiiiit.’ Thomas frowns.  A resigned Robert lets out a ‘Fiiiiine.’

Spinning around, he slides over to the iPod while an eager Thomas awaits with bated breath. He goes to say something.

Robert shushes him and Thomas bites his lip. ‘Good boy,’ says Robert, as he switches on the iPod, turns around, and winks.

“Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake comes on as Robert seductively walks over while undoing his robe, revealing his snug red and black Calvin Klein briefs. Thomas is mesmerized at the vision. 

‘Fuck, you’re beautiful.’ 

Robert’s confidence is bolstered as he shows his impressive stripper moves, bends over wriggling his bum, and does a little twerk.

Right back at you.’

Thomas laughs, then follows Robert’s excited eyes. His partner in crime’s fingers are just under his codpiece. ‘Can I have a look??’ Robert begs. 

‘Nnnnope.’ teases Thomas. 

‘Aaahhh, you’re all the same.’ Robert sulks. Thomas appeases him with a ‘Patience, woman.’ Robert knows he must persuade him, so  he runs his hand up Thomas’ thigh. 

‘My hand’s going up your thigh and across your stomach.’ he explains. 

‘Ok’ is the only word Thomas can muster as he shuts his eyes. 

‘My other hand is on your crotch for when you change your mind.’ 

Thomas smiles but keeps his eyes closed. ‘Where’s your hand now??’ he asks softly. 

‘Circling your nipples,’ is the reply.

Thomas is loving it even though he  can’t feel it. With a knowing look, Robert moves his hand past Thomas’ collarbone. 

‘I can feel that.’  The response he was hoping for. 

‘Can you feel this??’ 

Robert rubs Thomas’ ear lobe, which sets Thomas off.

‘Oh God.’

Robert smiles, just wanting to melt into him. ‘Can you go a little firmer??’ is Thomas’ next birthday wish and Robert is more then happy to grant it.

‘Thank you,’ says Thomas, eyes still closed.

‘My other hand is gently touching your nipples.’

Thomas’ eyes are closed. Robert talks his way through what his hands are doing while Thomas gets lost in the words. The music playing quietly in the background.

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Marcus Proctor

Marcus is an actor/ writer whose upcoming projects include the TV drama, Elliot’s Creek, in Australia, and comedies, Mikey (Canada) and Heaven Can Wait (the UK). He plays the lead in all three. \\ IMDB & LinkedIn: Marcus Proctor \\ Ig:@therealmarcusproctor