Conversation without any information.
Education missing the solid foundation.
Equation with only one intention.
Contemplation after moral obligation.

Anticipation with an air of jubilation.
Combination of charm and imagination.
Celebration of love and temptation.
Sensation drives beyond explanations.

Reservation without no further hesitation.
Observation of daydream hallucination.
Is this premature rejuvenation or belated salvation?
Relation in terms of pretty reputation.

Self-gratification requires modern toleration,
Condemnation from previous generation.
Consolation holds no imperfection.
Variation is the basic for creation.

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L. Tran

L.Tran believes in finding beauty and art in everything and using her passport as ID to get into clubs. They never feel a sense of belonging anywhere, so they start writing as a self-redemption method while wearing lab coats. L.Tran is also an unapologetic cat lover and people/tree hugger. \\ Instagram handle: linh_thecat