This piece is featured in Issue No. 8 CUTIE BIPOC ISSUE



Could it be my Catholic values?
What does it mean to deserve? 

A primal disposition to penance.
His body pressed to my gloated gut.

The fear of sloth,
Is my body worthy of warmth?

Inner strife. 
My stretch-lines traced by his fingertips. 

Foreboding sense of failure.
Does this vessel warrant tenderness?

Spiritual panopticon. 
Bulky thighs, pudgy waist. 

St. Roch’s Roman Catholic Church. 
Does this face merit endearment?

Stained glassed windows, 
Dark skinned; pudgy cheeks that feast and feed

Michael, the archangel, 
Because he’s a Twink and what am I?

his foot, on the neck of Satan.

He wields his sword, slaughters sin:
Beefy beast of greasy grain. 

Wretched reflection.

Lazy fuck. 
Retch at my resemblance. 


DRC is a queer-black writer based in Tkaronto. His bylines include the New York Times and Paper Magazine. He is currently working on his debut novel. \\ IG: @danrealee