This piece is featured in Issue No. 9 Flirt


A Limerick History of My Queer Flirtations

There once was a girl named Casey,
Together we’d get rather spacey.
She was a bit of a prude,
I didn’t want to be rude.
So I went off to find someone racy.

I once pulled my head from the noose,
Of a boy who admitted abuse.
We flirted at work,
But he was a jerk.
Some people you just have to lose.

There once was a girl named Heather,
Who liked to bind me in leather.
She had one little date,
BOOM: married, gone straight.
And I floated away like a feather.

For Relja I changed my whole world,
Into his insatiable ego I curled.
A phenomenal flirt,
But to him I was dirt.
Only with time has my torn heart unfurled.

I fell in love with a woman named Tori,
Whose banter hit new heights of glory.
And while she isn’t gay,
We’re still friends today.
Although that is a whole different story.

I fell fast in love with a Thomas,
We’d flirt in dimensions beyond us.
It was a 3-day first date,
And he wanted a mate.
But for me that was too big a promise.

Sometimes my co-workers snipe,
Could this be a legitimate gripe?
I can still flirt with splendor—
Just because I have no gender—
Does not mean that I don’t have a type.

Dolson Profile

KL Dolson

KL is an AFAB non-binary bi-romantic demi-sexual living in the Conservative backwater of Brantford, ON after nine years of living and working in the even more conservative South Korea. They are excited for the opportunity to explore and celebrate their Queer past, present, and future through literary expression. \\ IG: @kristydolson71