This piece is featured in Issue No. 9 Flirt

Poetry and Painting

On Love/A Body of Love

Artist's Statement

"On Love/A Body of Love" is written towards myself at a time when I felt especially vulnerable about my body. Attached is also a picture, a painting in watercolor, acrylic paint and felt-marker on A4, which I made shortly after writing "On Love/A Body of Love". 

Today I have acknowledged that I am a body of love, so much to give and so much to receive and that I am better off disregarding my fears, in the face if the immense amount of love that is there to be shared.

On Love/A Body of Love

In the eternal search of love
I wake up to realize
It is me
I am love
I roam about curiously
On this planet's surface
I have roamed the great skies beyond
Looking for something that passes away
Except in me
I am love
My body is love
My soul is love
My feelings are love