This piece is featured in Issue No. 4 Issue IV: A New Hope


Last night I prayed to God and they didn't know who they were

I am thinking / About all the labels / That we used / To 
liberate ourselves
That no longer serve us
The ways that we have / Confined ourselves / Into the boxes
Of a language/That only wanted to
Conquer us

And all of / The ways /That we have
And today
And tomorrow / Are all true
And when I think 
Our bodies / And desires / And needs
I am reminded
Of a Black woman / Who thought / Of change /And 
called it God
I am thinking / Of the way
I am Black woman 
                                          And not
I am thinking
About all the ways/ I have changed
The way I too
                                              Am God

As in
Look how I create / Joy
From a life / That thought / It would only know
Look how I weave
Through the strands / Of my DNA
Shaping futures

And one day / I will create life
Through love
And it will not / Matter
If their life / Never came from mine

I am thinking
About all / That was once 
And the ways
That change / Turns truth
Into survival
Or necessity
Or good enough / For right now
Until I find / The collection
Of syllables / And sounds 
To define 
That I am
And all that/ I want
We will / Exist in the future
That much / I know
To be true


harar v.a. hall

Harar is a multi-discplinary artist, writer and poet raised in Toronto and currently living, organizing and creating in Montreal. To find their work you can go to or @gold.tinted.glasses on instagram.