This piece is featured in Issue No. 1 Love in the Time of Corona


Wolf and Moon


What would I do if I caught you?
My teeth are my hands:
biting, gnawing, scraping, clawing
my hands are gentle.

Since you’re so far away,
we’ll never know.
You are the moon
and I am a wolf.

Will we ever conclude this antici
I thrive in the uncertainty.

Forever wanting,
never having.

I knead you. I want you.
Do I already have you?
How do I know?


My moon,
lovely and fearsome.

My guiding light,
you may seem small
but I know
you are just far away.

How can you be so far away
when I hold you close in my heart?
It’s a metaphor.
I long for you.


You are the moon. I am the wolf.

I howl at you, impressed by how
brightly you shine among the stars.
I long for you, yearning to hold
your form in my paws. But you are
far away.

Our love is cyclical. Its shape changes.
Forces of nature keep us apart and
bring us back together. Don’t worry,
I still love you.