This piece is featured in Issue No. 7 Sex Werk


I Didn't Need the Money

Aren’t we only supposed to whore when we need the money
When our lives are in the deepest darkest desperation
To sell our pussies and our tits when it is the absolute last resort
But I didn’t need the money
I was lost
I whored to stay on the planet
Desperately gave my life juice to keep myself alive
Used my tits and pussy and ass like they meant nothing 
To find the only thing that meant something 
As a last resort
The cash hidden away in a glorious box
Better than the man who paid could own
Never spent
Never needed
A souvenir 
Of seeing death 

Shoshana Raine

Shoshana is a femme lesbian who blushingly shares her musings on passion, connection, and the heart. She writes to escape the ordinary. Shoshana loves across the gender spectrum, and is dedicated to contributing to the community with her words. She can often be found typing with a cat in her lap and dangly earrings in her ears. \\ Ig: @shoshana.raine