This piece is featured in Issue No. 7 Sex Werk

Poetry & Painting

I Don’t Remember Much… \\ Sitting Pretty \\ Self Portrait

I Don’t Remember Much…

I fixed my hair
And straightened my shirt. 
I checked my phone for what felt like
The 100th time

To confirm 

The door was right.

I don't remember
Who opened the door?
I'm sure I said hello as I smiled. 

I don't remember much.

I do remember
Discreetly putting the money in my purse, 
and sending one text:

I'm here. 
All is good. 
See you in one hour. 

This wasn't my first, nor my last. 
It wasn't my best
It was far from my worst.

I wore a cardigan. 
Hot pink.
Short sleeves. 
It had teeny white bows on it. 
I still have it. 

My simple black ballet flats were sitting by the door. 

I don't remember
Where I placed my purse. 
It was a specific purse I used for these days.
It was white,
Wildly impractical.


I loved it. 
I don't remember why. 

But I remember how happy I was to be wearing those 

size 3

Distressed skinny jeans. 

I don't have them anymore. 

I don't remember
Much of that day. 
It was Easter weekend.
I don't remember
Why I hadn't gone home.

But I do remember 

That day, I felt
A new feeling. 
A surge.

Not of passion. 
Not of lust. 
Or of anger. 
Or sadness.

Not of happiness. 

I don't remember
The exact moment I felt it. 
But I do remember
It was a surge
That has stayed with me
For 10 years

A surge


Self Esteem. 

I remember,
That money in my purse. 
It was tangible. 
It felt indisputable. 

This man handed me...
his hard-earned money. 
For only one hour of my time. 

And was happy about it. 
I remember. 

I don't remember.
What my percentage was. 
I remember it didn't matter.

He didn't know me. 
My photo was faceless. 
I don't remember him. 
He may have forgotten me. 


After I fixed my hair
And straightened my shirt,
And checked my phone for what felt like
The 100th time
To confirm 
Again, that I was at the right door. 

He heard my knock, 
And opened,
Happy to see me. 

I don't remember
Much about that day. 
But I remember.
That feeling.

Sitting Pretty

8x10 Inch, Acrylic on Canvas

Self Portrait

8x10 Inch, Paint Pens on Paper

Screenshot 20220101 233837

Shannon Ariel

Shannon Ariel is a queer, polyamorous, sex working single parent artist who is trying to bring more colour and whimsy into the world, one art piece at a time. She enjoys using her positive history in the sex industry as a huge motivation for her art work to help bring some understanding and acceptance into the world. \\ Ig: @pinkbananasparkles