This piece is featured in Issue No. 7 Sex Werk

Digital Illustration

Smile + Selfie + Bite

Artist Statement

Mainstream society does not fully and respectfully honour the contributions of sex workers to the health of our communities. In considering this, a lot of my thinking revolves around how to disrupt that through my own systems of relation. Oftentimes in my everyday life, this is through exploring care, conversation, and connection with others. Other times, it's through simply being. Through art, this can manifest as offering something that looks and feels different. In recognizing how art about sex workers, by sex workers, can aesthetically look very different than art that looks from the outside in, I wanted to explore what I could offer here. And so, I created these three “SW icons” as an homage to the energy, love, labour, and wealth of knowledge that has been shared and co-built with me alongside SWers who often are femme, youth, QT/BIPoC.





@jasminedrawing is a digital media artist interested in drawing connections between micro and macro levels of intimacy, interdependence, and care. Through illustration, they are dedicated to the explicit representation of diverse bodies – especially those that are 2SQTBIPoC, visibly disabled, adorned with cultural and religious garments, and of all sizes. \\ Ig: @jasminedrawing